Jai-Alai Fall Challenge

November Ushers in Partido Action at Dania Beach Jai-Alai

If you are a Jai-Alai fan that enjoys watching partidos – two teams playing head-to-head to 15 straight points – then this is the month for you, as the 2019 Dania Fall Challenge moves into the quarterfinal round. With qualifying play completed at the end of October that determined the top eight teams, there will be a partido played every Friday night in November to see which four teams will move in the semi-finals.

The quarterfinal action begins on November 1st with the #1-seeded team Eric & Bailo taking on the #8 seed, Foronda & Yeche. All partidos will take place on Friday nights in Game 11, with win betting only offered on the 15-point matches.

There is actually a chance that last year’s champions, Eric & Ladutxe – who defeated Diego & Bailo in last year’s final – could meet in the finals in December, as backcourter Ladutxe will team this year with Zulaika as his frontcourt partner to form the #2 seeded team. There is a total of $15,000 in prize money on the line.
Partido schedule for November:

November 1st – (1) Eric & Bailo vs. (8) Foronda & Yeche

November 8th – (4) Goxerri & Ibon vs. (5) Xabat & Arta

November 15th – (3) Barandika & Elgezabal vs. (6) Goitia & Amigorena

November 22nd – (2) Zulaika & Ladutxe vs. (7) Goenaga & Salegi


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