New Players at Dania Jai Alai

Dania Jai-Alai Welcomes Two New Players

This is truly the new generation of jai-alai players, as Alex Goitia and Johan Sorozabal as both are the sons of players who competed professionally here in the United States.  But let’s start with Goixerri, who joined the Dania roster back in January.   His father Jon was a star frontcourt player for many years at both Milford and Bridgeport Jai-Alai, playing under the name Goixarri and won numerous championships at the two Connecticut frontons during his career. Goixerri, age 20, was born in New Haven and started here in January, winning 37 games in his first season for a .108 win percentage. He definitely showed room for improvement but displayed immense potential by posting a higher percentage than 12 other players on the roster as a rookie. We have been particularly impressed with his combination of power and speed.

The two youngsters that started this season on September 18th are both sons of jai-alai professionals as well, and both have brothers playing the sport.  Alex, 18, is the younger brother of veteran Dania frontcourter Goitia, and their father also played as a backcourter under the name Goitia at several U.S. frontons including Bridgeport, West Palm Beach and Newport, in addition to an extensive schedule of partido action in the Basque Country.  Johan is from Bayonne, France and is the son of former Milford and Bridgeport frontcourter Sorozabal, who played in Connecticut from 1986 to 2000.  Johan is just 17 years old, and has an 18-year-old brother, Gorka, who will be starting at Miami in December. He understands quite well that his serve is the weakest part of his game, and promises to work hard to try to improve it in the coming months.

Dania players’ manager Benny Bueno tells a funny story about a partido he played in Spain that involved Alex and Goitia’s father in the early 1990’s. Benny and his backcourt partner Felix were facing Rekalde & Goitia in a 35-point match and were trailing 34-to 29.  Benny & Felix put together a furious comeback to tie the score at 34, but because there was a great deal of betting going on (in Spain they allow betting on individual points) there was a long delay of several minutes. Benny says he got a little cold because of the pause, and underserved on the final point to lose the match.  Probably not so funny back then, but he has a laugh about it now.

Come see the two new players in action Wednesday – Sunday. See game times here.

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